On-site Ultrasonography for Halifax Regional Municipality and nearby areas

  • Abdominal exams

  • Pregnancy evaluation

  • Non-cardiac thoracic exams

  • **Basic cardiac exams

  • Musculoskeletal exams

  • Ocular exams

  • Thyroid exams

  • Abdominocentesis/ thoracocentesis/cystocentesis

  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) and tissue core biopsies

**Please note my echocardiographic exams are limited to diagnosis of DCM, HCM, Mitral or tricuspid valvular disease, or pericardial effusion/ heart base masses.  I recommend that all patients with suspected congenital heart disease be evaluated by a veterinary cardiologist. 

Diagnostics images (x-rays or ultrasound) are no longer interpreted through Maritime Veterinary Imaging.  If you need an image interpretation, please submit through Radterra.

Visits to the HRM are typically every 4-6 weeks.  The upDATED schedule will be posted on the homepage.